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Hot Story in Progress

7:52 PM, PST, Saturday, August 29, 2009

You have reached POONTALK.COM, the best site for bringing you breaking news of the adult industry. We bring you news, not just copy-n-paste other copy-n-pasted stories!

We’re currently setting up our new servers, so hang tight, and we’ll be on soon with what you want!

Field Report in Progress:
We have the fine journalist, Jeremy Steele,  covering the fires above La Canada and Altadena. Why? Well, Max Hardcore’s house in the path of that huge inferno! Video and photos in a bit.

Lastly, send money, you cheap bastards!

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Real Ex Girl Friends shoot

I was booked by for a shoot this morning for with Alanah Rae.  While I was on the way there I was called by Goldstar and told that Alanah is running late and to show up an hour later. I got there about 20 minutes later, expecting to just hang out and wait, but Alanah was already there in make-up. She said she got on the freeway and kept driving until she got to Ventura county, seeing the beaches, then realizing she went too far (the office was in the valley near North Hills). Her excuse was that she’s a natural blond, although her hair is dyed darker now, to which I commented that that’s what they call it when a blonde dyes her hair darker: artificial intelligence.

Laci Laine was also on the set (getting tied up for fun) and Hennah West. After filling out the paper work, we headed to the set with director Todd Todd, who instructed me I was to handle the video camera and shoot a P.O.V. as the boyfriend of Alanah in an amateur style. 
It was a fun, easy and great scene, definitely very amateurish, but still with good angles… and I shot a huge load from standing doggie that went all the way up her back. Ahhhh….

After the sex, Alanah and Todd Todd had a smoke break on the balcony. She said “porn saved my life”. When I asked her to explain she said she used to do drugs, skip school, was in juvi, first had sex at age 13 with a 20 or 21 year old, etc. Then while reading her phone messages, she said,

AR: “I don’t mind going and hanging out with guys but as soon as it seems like a date it fucks me up… I’m a commitment-phobe, I think”

JS: Sounds like porns the perfect job for you.

AR: “Yeah, it’s my cup of tea, for sure”.

JS: If you weren’t in porn what do you think you’d be doing right now?

AR: Accountant by day, working at the ‘Foxy Lady’ at night.

Following that comment Todd Todd mimicked the banter of tittie bar DJs, as he said he used to be one…  (regarding tipping the girls, who’s behind which room, etc).

Real or unreal, girffriend or ex-girlfriend; It was nice to have Alanah Rae for the day.

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Porn Star Karaoke . . . 8.18.09

Kinda dead at PSK tonight, porner-wise.  Veteran Chris Cannon was there. We spoke briefly and he told me he’s doing odd jobs to get by.  Lily Cade was there and an asian girl named Lucky Starr (not to be confused with the black male performer with the same name) who I interviewed;

JS:  How long have you been in the business?

LS: 6 months.

JS: How many scenes have you done so far?

LS 9

JS: Yeah. It’s been pretty slow out there for most performers.  Are you with an agency?

LS: Type 9. I used to be with World Modeling. I love Jim South, but, it seems all girls start with him and then go to someone else.

JS: Do you have a website?

LS: No. I have a myspace:  I’m also doing webcam now at Max Hardcore’s house.  I’m also living there now.

JS: Making money?

LS: I don’t know yet. I’ve worked three days and haven’t been paid yet. Don’t know how much I’ve made.

JS: What do you like most about the business?

LS: The freedom of sexuality and openness.

JS: What were you doing before you got in the biz?

LS: I was waitressing at a fine dining restaurant and got fired. I’m here with two friends who worked there with me and they’re intriqued. At first they were disapproving, told me my life will be ruined, what if a get a commercial; they’ll pull it.  But I talked to them about it
and they understand. She’s a good friend of mine.

JS: Do you have a significant other?

LS: I recently broke-up with my fiance. We decided together after I lost my waitress job  to get in the biz. It was a mutual desire of ours, but once he realized how much I liked it, he got upset. He’s video-taped me fucking other guys so he’s into it, but I think it’s about control.

JS: I see…

LS: I got into porn part out of desperation, but it was also always a fantasy.

JS: What have been some of your favorite scenes you’ve done?

LS: I’ve worked with guys who I didn’t know were so popular until I got in the business; Voodoo, Barry Scott…

After the interview, she gave me a blowjob in the parking lot behind the dumpster…. just kidding. I just made this up…

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Burning Angel . . . 8.18.09

By Jeremy Steele

Rock ‘n Roll Monday with Joanna Angel (and without Phoenix Askani)

Phoenix Askani had a birthday party at Les Deux in Hollywood but didn’t show up (at least while I was there). 

[No] porn stars had showed up yet, just camera-peeps standing around and Porn Mega-Star Adam Wood, of I complained to him that they wanted to charge us press people money to give them free publicity and Adam offered to pay my $5.00 entrance fee, for me. I told him it wasn’t the money, it was the principle. But then, again, I added, it WAS the money, so I took it, but still waited outside for some porn stars to show up.

Natasha Nice (grey/blue dress, Katie Cummings (black dress) and Bella Cole (orange dress) showed up and I took their pictures outside.  I also saw Evan Stone driving by and some cute chick following behind him but they left without coming in. I guess he was told the hostess and birthday girl hadn’t showed up yet. Then Joanna Angel and James Deen showed up and she was able to get me in for free, so I gave Adam his five bucks back.
Then I took some more pictures,  hung out a little and then left.  A drunk civilian chick was carried and got kicked out with her round ass in the air and she kissed me while outside. That was cool. I have a photo but was told by the editor no one gives a shit but me.


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Vampire Con

By Jeremy Steele

I went to the Vampire Con. I figure if Mistress Veronica were still aliive I might have seen her there. There were quite a few people with canine teeth and fake blood dripping (I presume) dripping from their faces. The first person I saw there outside was Joey Buttofucko and his wife Ivana. I asked to get a picture, and his wife said I should get one with him, since I’m such a big fan. There were a few cuties in there as well. I got out of there before anyone decided to bite me.  


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R.I.P. MISTRESS VERONICA. I was saddened to have learned that Mistress Veronica killed herself. I first discovered the details from a repost of the subject on I barely got the chance to meet and know her before her demise. I. met her a few weeks ago at an ATM in Hollywood while with Privateer Pete the Pirate (the guy who took those awesome photos for Poontalk). She was starting talking to me standing behind me on line. I forgot what she said but she was cute and friendly and there was something about her that made me want to talk to her more once I saw her leave. She left before Pete and I did.but she had stopped to talk to some Lyndon Larouche mind cult solicitors on the corner of Sunset and Vine and we were heading in that direction.. After catching up to her at the corner of Sunset and Ivar, across from Amoeba records I said “Hi, again” and we started walking together and talking. Pete the Pirate said “Hey man, I want to go to Amoeba records”, which I thought was cool, giving her and me the chance to walk and talk. I told Pete I’d meet up with him later. While we were walking she asked me to walk her to her place which on Las Palmas and Sunset. She told me her dad had threatened suicide by standing on top a building, that she was a mistress and had a dungeon. I told her I was in the porn business and she invited me upstairs to see her dungeon. Her dungeon was in her apartment on the second floor and that she was looking for a roommate, the place costing 3 or 4,000 per month, or some ridiculous amount. She pulled out some anal toy she likes to use on guys who like it and told me she likes to make out with cute gay boys. I think she might have showed me the toy to see if I was interested in trying it out, but I wasn’t. She told me was raped once, which made me think how strange she invites a stranger she just met up to her apartment.(though she was cool with me so I took it as a compliment) Soon we left and that was the last time I ever saw her. I still have her phone number. We spoke on the phone once, another time I called and left a message inviting her to a fetish party but never heard back from her. I wished she would’ve called me in her moments of despair but she never did. I’ve wrote to Tony of who originally put out the story that lukeisback got and told him how I knew her. He said he’d put my missive up as part of a memorial from people who knew her. I asked him about memorial services and how she died but the specific details are still being withheld. This is what he last wrote me:

Hi Jeremy,

The memorial took place last Saturday. It was a private affair for close friends and family and I was asked not to give out the details in advance, though I will be publishing a few pix from it in due course. Contributions are still coming in for the tribute article so I will close the tribute inbox and put the article together sometime before the end of August. Veronica’s family and close friends felt that the article published in The Fetishistas included as much detail as was appropriate about the circumstances of her death. This being the case, and out of respect for their feelings, I can’t disclose any further information at this time.

Best wishes, Tony


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Congrats! Ashley & Dave

Wedding photos . . . they’re beautiful, like the new couple.


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Will Ryder shoot

I worked for Will Ryder with 23 year old Courtney Page (the cute, smiling girl with the heart t-shirt). She said she truly loves sex, started in the business two years ago, but only for two weeks, and has been back now for one week, so that adds up to three weeks she’s been in the business, really. She said she was a virgin until age 20 and waited for the right guy, which he was, although he put a restraining order on her (details she choose not to get into). She also said she loves anal and comes right away when a guy sticks it in. She also said afterward that the scene with me might have been the best yet (can you believe this?). I got to pop twice, once at the end of the hardcore, and the other, during the first fuck position of the softcore reenactment of the scene, with me fucking her standing up doggie from behind the couch (so no hardcore could be seen). At one point while in that position because she was a bit sore from the scene from working the day before and she said “Hey, not so deep, I’m sore”. Little did she know I was quickly building up my second pop. Miles Long, the Videographer for softcore said “Come on, man, take it easy so we can get this done”. Right at the point, unbenownst to anyone else but me, at the moment we stopped, I unloaded on the floor in front of the back of the couch. Neither Courtney or Miles ever even knew. When they left the set I made sure to drop a paper towel in the area I splooged and wipe it up by dragging my foot over it. Also there were Miley Ann (pink shirt, reads “cute”), who I recently worked with for Jay Rock. She recognized me first when I first walked in and she was in the middle of getting fucked. Also there was Laci Laine (short flower dress) who I worked with once for some kinky Japanese fellows who shot a staged rape scene on a bus, filled with 30 extras and driven while shooting (see pictures); Laci was just there today visiting, and the ride for one of the male performers. I also saw Kenna Kane (black hair and fishnets, smoking outside with Laci) who told me I was originally scheduled to work with her, but due to Will Ryder having to send some girl home due to too much acne and another cancelled scene our scene was switched. Also there who I saw was Kaitlin Rush


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Rapist on the loose . . . let’s put him away!


It’s no secret that Jenna Presley was raped when she was very young and now suffers from PTSD. On video, she said she would not work with the male talent she was booked with because he looks exactly like the person who raped her.

Who is she talking about?













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