Lady Zombie Interview

By William Carmody

ssgwensolo1As the new New York City / East Coast Correspondent for POONTALK.COM I needed a great event to attend and review to open the East Coast News section of POONTALK with a “bang”. So after some investigative research which consisted of some calls and emails I came across the highly anticipated NYC Premiere of P.O.V. *Personal Orgasm View* which is a NYC Fetish Event hosted by the lovely Lady Zombie who also happens to be a New York City based professional Dominatrix. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lady Zombie before P.O.V. and had found her to be extremely forthcoming and intelligent as well as, quite informative.

1. Can you tell all the readers of POONTALK how long you have been a Pro-Domme in New York City? I have been a Professional, practicing Dominatrix in New York City since 2007.

2. How did you first become interested in the Fetish / BDSM Industry? The Fetish/BDSM community always had captured My imagination and My own sexual desires. Getting involved in the industry was a gradual thing. It began with performances at BDSM events in the city, and then evolved into training, studying and developing My own clientele.

3. I understand there has been a major crackdown recently on the BDSM industry in New York City with the NYPD raiding and closing down such establishments as Rapture NYC for example; what is your opinion and take on the crackdown? Several months ago, there were a series of raids on BDSM dungeons and events around the city. The raids were caused by a widespread perspective that the women working in these establishments were practicing prostitution. I can’t speak for everyone. There are women out there who do give sexual favors in exchange for money. Several innocents are now facing legal problems due to untrue allegations. That infuriates Me. A true professional Domina is not supposed to do those things, as it violates the professional aspect of a D/s relationship. If anything, the raiding has slowed, and the dungeons are a safe environment to work and visit again. People tend to fear and hate what they do not understand. Read a book, people!

4. What differentiates between BDSM as a paid for fetish hobby and prostitution? Many people do not understand the difference, can you enlighten us please? Prostitution is an exchange of sexual favors for money. Some activities that would be considered illegal and prostitution in the court of law are: foot-jobs, hand-jobs, strap-on play, and penetration of any kind. I do not cater to these requests. I believe the clients that request these things should not be dealt with, as they do not respect women as Goddesses, and they do not understand true submission from a business perspective. Domination/BDSM is a safe and creative way to live out your kinks, fetishes and desire to serve. People often believe that BDSM is solely about pain (OTK spankings, face slapping, suspension, CBT, nipple torture, candle wax, predicament bondage, caning, and various other forms of physical and emotional torture), when in fact, BDSM/Domination can be entirely without pain (tease and denial, light bondage, role-play, foot worship, puppy play, spitting, smoking fetish, objectification, abandonment, sissy training, humiliation, etc.). I, personally, demand 100% respect. I never tolerate rude behavior, sexual advances or “topping from the bottom.”

5. Is there a BDSM Pro-Domme union or are there any legal challenges that are in the works to protect Pro-Dommes from false arrest as prostitutes? There is not a Pro-Domme Union, and although the idea of one is wonderful, I do not see such a thing truly happening any time soon. There are many individuals in the BDSM community that have made appeals to government and community officials to stop the harassment. What needs to be done is for those involved in this lifestyle to educate the vanilla society. Widespread BDSM education will help to stop the ignorance and false accusations.

6. What can someone expect from you in a session and is there a process you must go through to weed out potentially dangerous clients? When a submissive (potential client) first contacts Me, W/we discuss what their fantasies and kinks are so that I can determine what the best type of session would be for them. I often ask for references from previous Mistresses or people W/we both may know in the fetish/BDSM community. The good thing about a dungeon is that it is a safety measure. You’re surrounded by people in other rooms that can help you if you have a client that ends up being insane. I have yet to have a problem with a client. And not for nothing, I don’t go anywhere unprepared for battle.

7. Have many Pro-Dommes been assaulted or attacked while in sessions to the best of your knowledge in New York; and if so can you speculate further on any of those incidents? I do not personally know any professional Dominatrix that has been assaulted in a dungeon during a session. I have heard of Dommes being assaulted while on out-calls (an out-call is a session out of a hotel room, apartment, etc.), which is why I always rent a dungeon space for my sessions.

8. Do you travel at all out of state to see any clients and if so how far did you ever go to see a client? No, I don’t travel to see clients.

9. With the economy in complete disarray and everything going up in price everywhere, has the BDSM industry been affected by this problem at all? Every industry, including the BDSM industry, has been affected by the current economic crisis. Business has slowed for everyone. Many Mistresses have taken to advertising more to boost clientele.

10. Have Pro-Dommes either decreased or augmented their session fees as a result of the economic troubles? I don’t know what other Women are doing, although I suspect many may be fluctuating their rates. I haven’t raised or lowered my rates, and I am still doing well.

11. What type of people set up sessions with you? I ask for the following types of people to contact Me for sessions: masochists, pain sluts, sissies, bondage enthusiasts, Goddess worshippers, foot fetishists, couples, open-minded individuals seeking to push their limits and novices as well.

12. Has former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer ever tried to book a session with you? *laughs* That’s a good one. No.

13. What won’t you do in a session? I have no interest in any activities that would put Me or others at risk including, but not limited to: blood sports, brown showers/scat, long term or permanent injuries and sexual activity. No illegal activities will be adhered to at the expense of My reputation, business, and the rights of the BDSM community as a whole.

14. What is the most bizarre and craziest thing you have ever been asked to do in a session; what was it and did you do it? I once trampled a client and used My feet to slap him in the face… hard. If anything, I was highly amused. I’d rather keep the more devious stories to Myself at this time.

15. What type of training does one have to go through to become a Pro-Domme; Is there like an EMT course or safety precautions you must take to both protect yourself as well as the client? One should always experience the other side “of the lash” before becoming a profession Mistress/Master. It is wise to serve and experience true submission first. It broadens your knowledge, experience and all in all, makes you better at what you do. Also, it is wise to know the human body very well… where to strike, where not to strike, where to be gentle, etc. A good trainer will show you these things. Safety is of the utmost importance to Me, and I have researched many medical journals and safety guides to ensure the safety and enjoyment of My clients and personal submissives. I also know how to fight, which would come in handy if ever I have a client go bonkers.

16. What do you specialize in for your sessions with a client? My specialties are sissy training (I am all Woman, a voluptuous authoritarian, and I will teach you to be the best sissy bitch you can be), foot fetish (foot worship/smelly foot worship), corporal punishment (you will know fear and punishment at My hand, and you will beg Me for mercy… an unforgettable experience at the hands of a skilled Mistress), S&M role-play (I can be the cop, the doctor, the school teacher, the tyrant, the mother, the vampire, the bitch, the girl-next-door and so much more) and bondage (ropes, mummification, cuffs… I enjoy trying out new and interesting ties). I also enjoy many other forms of play, such as wax, flogging, caning, and spankings. I am a very demanding Mistress. I desire My every wish to be fulfilled. I will push your limits. I want you to explore the depths of your kink with Me.

17. Have you ever come close to or have you ever crossed the line with a client and later regretted the incident? No.

18. What type of equipment, tools, or props do you use in a session? This depends on the dungeon I am using, and also the type of session it will be. I am skilled with almost all equipment & “furniture” commonly found in dungeons. I have a vast personal arsenal consisting of: ropes (silk, hemp), cuffs (leather, velcro, metal), hog-tie chains, floggers, paddles, crops and canes, single-tails, a chain mail mase (which I have yet to use on someone), blindfolds, ball gags & bits, pinwheels, latex duct-tape and SO much more.

19. Is there much competition or envy within the BDSM industry among Pro-Dommes? Of course. As with any business, you have your cut-throats.

20. What hobbies and interests do you partake in outside of the BDSM Industry? I am the lead singer of the NYC band Deviant Trust (I also write and play back-up guitar for them), I write the “Diary of a Mistress” column for, I host and promote for two NYC parties (P.O.V. and Ground Zero), I am the Webmistress of, I am an active fetish/alternative model,… and that’s only the half of it. I love to go out dancing, play video games, drink with my friends, visit museums & amusement parks, and most of all spend time with my significant other, Ali, who is a Master Fangsmith for the NYC tri-state area.

21. If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you need to keep you going besides the obvious food, water, and shelter? Ali (he will cover companionship, sex, and other necessities), my iPod (with unlimited battery power… somehow), and sun block (I burn like you wouldn’t believe).

22. What type of advice would you give to someone just starting out in the scene? Be careful, be wary, be open-minded and use a rubber. Also, find someone intelligent and fun to take you under their wing.

23. What are your plans for the future, do you plan on writing any books, or making films, where do you see yourself down the road say ten years from now? I am already a writer and I have acted in some independent films. I would love to complete a series of fictional novels. Ten years from now, I would simply like to be alive and living comfortably.

24. If they made a movie about your life and exploits, what actress would you like to see play you on the big screen? I’d need to hold a serious casting for that.

25. I understand you host various parties and events in New York City, can you tell us about some of them? I started out by hosting well-known NYC fetish events such as Suite Abbyss and Paradise Lost. Afterwards, I went on to perform at Bloody Ball and Raw Passions, and recently, I performed at and co-hosted Exotic Nature.

Presently, I am hosting a premiere New York City fetish event called P.O.V. (Personal Orgasm View), which is debuting tomorrow evening, January 22nd, at Karma Lounge. P.O.V. will feature two of the hottest DJs NYC has to offer (DJ Paradox and DJ Resurrector), a Japanese rope bondage performance by Master Vito, a brutal S&M performance by Mistress LaMorta and sub Savage, Gothic go-go dancing by Cage and Jexxx, photography by Oculus Visions and our special guest for the evening will be Fixe Magazine. We encourage kinky play and dancing, and all around merriment!

In February, aside from the second edition of P.O.V., Babylon Entertainment will be producing a new Rock n’ Roll event that I will also be hosting, Ground Zero. More information on G.Z. will be available soon!

26. How can someone book a session with you, is there a contact number or email? I am available and reachable in the BDSM listings on or through My official website

27. In closing, is there anyone…I mean anything you would like to plug? Actually, I am trying to increase membership on I’d like to ask your readers to stop by and sign up… it’s free! Thanks so much for your time.

Ok then Lady Zombie, thank you for your time it was a great interview.

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