P.O.V. *Personal Orgasm View* A Premiere NYC Fetish Event

Thursday January 22nd 2009

By William Carmody

I started my evening about 9pm with a train ride to lower Manhattan to review P.O.V. *Personal Orgasm View* A Premiere NYC Fetish Event hosted by New York City Pro-Dom Lady Zombie at Karma a club in the seedier section of town. Upon my arrival just before 10pm I was greeted at the door by the staff of Babylon Entertainment who ushered me in quickly upon hearing I was from POONTALK.COM and presented me to the lovely Lady Zombie. After a quick meet and greet I started taking some pics of the event and its attendees (with their permission of course) and was quite impressed at how friendly and respectful everyone was, especially for New York City. There was gothic techno music blasting and the atmosphere was dark and very underground. I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress LaMorta and her slave Savage; who by the way took a vicious 20 minute beating on stage live at the hands of Mistress LaMorta and yet walked away both satisfied and shaken. Go Go Dancer Jexxx was very entertaining and danced the night away, and everyone was in complete awe at the handy work of Japanese Rope Master Vito and his sub-lady who put on an amazing 30 minute bondage show as well on stage. Now how can I forget Giorgio the Human Carpet who did not talk at all but always had a smile and a thumb up, even as people stood on him as they ordered drinks from the bar. Needless to say, the whole event was pretty entertaining with a good crowd and an amazing live fire show. I guess all that BDSM can get you pretty hungry being a Chinese Food delivery man popped into the club with a bag of food and once he saw what he walked into he looked like he was scared shitless. He made his delivery and moved quickly out the door as he constantly looked back even as he sped up the street on his bike. Nuff Said!

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