Max Hardcore

Paul Little, aka, Max Hardcore, is going to start serving his prison sentence on Thursday. Max is guilty of a lot of things, but he’s not guilty of the things he was convicted of. To make a long story short, he was convicted of mailing obscene DVDs to the state of Florida, but he, nor any person working on his behalf, ever sent the DVDs he is was convicted of sending. Get it? Probably not. Well, I think in short time, his lawyers will get his conviction over-turned on appeal. In the mean time, send a contribution (see below) and help Max win his freedom.

Hang in there, Max!


Make out Checks or Money Orders to:
Sirkin, Pinales & Schwartz, LLP
(Note on the check that it’s for the Max Defense Fund)

Then send them to:
Sirkin, Pinales & Schwartz
Attorneys at Law
920 Fourth & Race Tower
105 West 4th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2726

You can also contribute by using a Credit or Debit Card! Call them at:
513 721-4876
(Say you want to contribute to the Max Defense Fund)

The final way to contribute if you have a Paypal account. Use as the recipient:


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8 responses to “Max Hardcore

  1. Georfie

    Great website

  2. I just wanted to say thanks to those who have contributed to my defense, and those who have supported me in other ways, not the least of which is my good friend Layla Rivera.

    This attack on free speech is something that could happen to anyone in our buisiness, no matter how ‘mainstream’ they are. The federal indictment of John Stagliano is proof of that. And while there are those in our buisiness who say that I went too far, the fact that I did push the limits of acceptability actually provided some protection to those who didn’t, by deflecting attention away from them. Because the Bush administration was going to get someone, there’s no doubt about that.

    So now it’s time to go. But when I come back, I’ll have gained something from the experience no one can teach you: The satisfaction of knowing that I stood up and put my ass on the line for perhaps the most important posessions of all Americans – the freedom of speech. The right- to say what you believe in, whether it’s popular or not. That’s what my country stands for.

    Max Hardcore

  3. Larry Horse

    Max, you want to ejaculate anymore bullshit? And you’ll put your ass on the line sir, maybe you’ll get it stretched like some of those dumb girls that worked with you. Dont push the martyr shit, Stagliano is far more martyr worthy, as is Larry Flynt. The Feds case was bogus, but like OJ, you’re paying for other misdeeds.

  4. tattypattyagain

    And that’s okay, Larry, because….? They are hanging Max out to dry because his stuff is the most boundary-pushing and offensive stuff out there; he’s exactly the person who should be defended. I’m glad all you high-handed fuckheads can feel better watching the ass-fucking of girls who aren’t legally allowed to drink now that the boogie man has been locked up. You and the rest of the hypocrites can choke on it…..

  5. jed

    rofl. freedom. cynical. rofl.

  6. Fresno

    Im wondering if the black males in there now of Hardcore movies and if anyone will try to stretch his asshole and piss in it…now that I want to see on High Def.

  7. Harvey Dent

    I mean, the entertaining factor might be high, but if you jerk off to it that might be a bit gay.

  8. Tom Cody

    How will you feel if someone pisses in your mouth and rapes you in the ass while your locked up? Cops and the society we live in wanted to lock you up because your a sick fuck. Dressing up girls to like like they are kids, pissing on them etc is fucked. A lot of kids are exploited and Max takes full advantage here. Have fun in jail!!!

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