Sophia Mounds writes again!

Editor — I am not sure what she’s talking about, so let me know if you know what she’s talking about.

Sophia Mounds:

you insane man, someone beat you to it, my dad knows… I never ever will make porn again and it is Jeremy Steels and the Kernels fault! I absolutly hate the kind of retarted, bullshit/drama that scum like you continually dish out… you are very powerless men, to act the way that you do. I have friends in the biz, who say the kernel is a druged out, homless looking NOBODY, that people laugh at behind his back, just like Jeremy Steel. Look you stupid mother fucker, I will beat your mother fucking tweeked out ass and rip your eyes out, with my bare hands and shove them down your throut! Do you understand? im not scared of you! So fuck off and shove Jeremys head up your ass you fuck-tard! the only reason that you or Jeremy keep talking shit is so you can ride my coat tails like the pathitic fucks that you are… Jeremy shut the fuck up! When you were fucking me, I never heard anything about you hatting my pussy, in fact my pussy is the best pussy you have ever had and thats why you just cant stop talking about it. I know you love me and yes hate is a form of love.. but this stupid shit is so Jerry Springer/Oprah of you… Oh, col the naighbors are pervs, so they’ll love the free gifts… but if any of my naibors ask me what happened, I’ll just say that you were my agent/boyfriend and that you had threatened to hurt my family, if I didnt make porn because I owed you a lot of money… And they’ll think your a monster, like everyone already does… P.s. Fucktard I AM NOT THE General and why would I want to punk someone I don’t give a rat’s ass about? So stop with your pathitic threats, an if anything happens to me my father will open a letter with all of jeremys info and the name of Jeremys site about how your the main suspect in my murder and how jeremy is an acompliss, to 1st degree murder! now that its a threat, thats on the web, it was somthing you have been planning out and is murder 1… pluss my sons related to the Irish mob and if his mother was murdered, he would naturally turn to his dad, whose uncles had a guy murdered in prison, because he killed one of the families nieces. Trust me, you bring father and son together and of course my son, would ask his father, to ask his uncles to have some guy take care of you, because no matter what a shit bag like you says, my son does love me very much. so if I were you, I would back the fuck off and becaues I was with a family member, of one of the families of the Irish mob, I am a real mean bitch, trust me!


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31 responses to “Sophia Mounds writes again!

  1. Apparently Sophia Mounds AKA The General is pissed off because she knows I wasn’t fooling around when I told her I will fuck her up and make her life miserable.

    Sophia you retarded copycat scum fuck, how does it feel to look over your shoulder and live in fear all the time, never knowing what’s coming for you; how does it feel to be afraid of answering your phone and going to work; how does it feel to know your neighbors see you as the cheap, disgraced, repulsive prostitute that you really, truely are?

    This is the price you pay for trying to be a smart ass and running your mouth in places that you don’t have to; and I won’t stop. I’ll push you to your very limits and watch you crash and burn. You wanted the monster, you shall have the monster.

    Good night, General Sophia Mounds.

  2. Danger, I don’t know what did you mean by that, but thank you anyway. Interesting story; cyber space is indeed such a crazy place.

  3. danger

    He was threatening people on the Jesse McCartney forum at Imdb. He might have been joking but someone from there called the police on him. The police went to his home but later arrested him because of the guns he had. He is still in prison last I checked. The online threats got the attention of the police. You keep on making threats towards Sophia and someone might actually believe your threats against her and call it in. Not me, but someone else believing your threats might. I think you’re full of hot air. Just a friendly reminder.

  4. Danger my friend, thank you for your attention and care. I don’t know about the nature of DT’s threats, in fact I didn’t know anything about him untill I read the article you sent me. However I never made any actual, physical or visible threats towards Sophia Mounds AKA The General. What I said was I tried to call her and/or visit her; are there any laws against calling or visiting a person in order to communicate with her and resolve some unnecessary misunderstandings and reach a mutual agreement? Not that I’m aware of. I also said she’s making many enemies for herself for no viable reason and that’s bad for her and her career and reputation, which again is true. Everybody in the adult industry already knows that.

    In contrary, it’s Sophia who follows me, talks behind my back to my industry friends and colleagues, insults me on this board, on Luke Is Back where she has signed up as The General and on her blog page. It’s Sophia who makes actual, physical and visible threats towards me and other people, she says she’ll get some Hell’s Angels bikers or the Irish mobsters to come after me and hurt me, she says she’ll take my eyes out with her bare hands, she says… Of course I don’t take any of these threats seriously and I don’t think nobody should, either.

    On the other hand and as I mentioned before, I have no time, reason or interest to go after a prostitue who clearly suffers from emotional and mental complications and try to physically harm her. I have more important personal and professional priorities in my life.

  5. Quote the colonel “apperantly sophia mounds aka the gnereral is pissed off because she knows I wasnt fooling around when i told her i would fuck her up and make her life miserable.”

    then he says.”I nver made any actual or visible threats toward sophia aka the general.”

    you name the time and place kernal, and Ill be there.

  6. General babe, I already have a PA to clean up my sets and a fluffer to make me and my performers ready; but don’t worry, never say never. You’re like a fart joke: disgusting, shameful, unoriginal and repetitive. I have as much interest in talking to you as in blowing my nose or taking a shit; but I was generous enough to take 5 minutes of my precious time and respond to a human vomit, a maggot, a vermin like you for which you must kneel down, kiss my ass and thank me with trembling lips and tears in your eyes. Now you can get off my coat tail and go fuck your mother you piece of shit, miserable scumbag of my obsessed number one fan.

  7. I am calling you out colonel. Anytime, anyplace. Put up or shut up tough guy. My email is Let me know the time and place. Lets see how tough you are you internet keyboard warrior. In public or in private. Time to settle this face to face. Or are you too much of a pussy?

    Lets see, five minutes of your time, must be worth about 25 cents, if that much, ANYTIME, ANY PLACE. PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

  8. General babe, you retarded piece of shit of a pathetic internet clown, you don’t have to write all letters in capital to show how tough you are. I know you and your kind, I can see through you and see what hopeless, lonely, miserable, sad, small and weak creature you really, truely are. Your greatests joy must be reading my excellent writing and following up with me like an insane, obsessed, poor fan; like I told you before I’m the one and the only, but you’re dime a fucking dozen. I am The Colonel, and you are a piece of shit. So tell me again why the fuck should I, or anybody for that matter, bother responding to a vermin like you? How come the smallest stinking leper dogs like you always bark more and eat more shit? What is it that you think you can achieve by constantly subjecting yourself to degradation, humilation and laughter of strangers on public message boards?

    Look asswhore, grow up, take your head out of your mother’s rectum and try to think, even though I know how hard that must be for a dirty rotten imbecile like you, but try to think and understand if and when I want to fuck with you and fuck you up, I don’t need to email you and make an appointment, I’ll treat you with the element of surprise.

    Now as for 5 minutes of my precious time, it’s more valuable than your entire worthless existence and all those wasted years you’ve pissed away on this planet by failing miserably at one attempt after another. Tell us something, how does it feel to be a complete, utter failure in every aspects of human life? Damn, it should really, truely suck to be you. I don’twish that on anybody.

  9. Like I said colonel, ANYTIME, ANY PLACE. All your internet threats and NO action. Keep hiding behind your keyboard. Internet tough guy, all talk and NOTHING to back it up. Same old same old name calling with no action. Predictable as the sun setting in the west. Youve been called out, what you gonna do tough guy. I call your tough guy shit talk, lets see some action,pussy. Public, or private, anyhwere anytime.

    Lets see if you got the balls to back up your internet tough guy persona.

  10. Colonel says, “I told her I would fuck her up and make her life miserable”///or is this just internet tough guy talk?

    Lets do it pussy. Anytime anyplace. You got my email, lets set it up.

  11. General retard scumfuck, if my responds to you are the same, it’s because I’m talking to the same dog. Now lay down, roll over and do as I say: take a deep breath, calm yourself, take your meds and read my last respond, read, read, and read some more untill you understand; and if you don’t understand, then to hell with you, go suck someone else’s cock.

    People in the adult industry who should know me, do know me, if you don’t know me, that’s because you’re a fucking piece of shit nobody and you don’t fucking deserve to know anything. Your only relevance is how I beat the crap out of you, ridicule you, piss on you and make you do your clown dance just for the fuck of it. Admit it: you like it, too. That’s why you keep coming back and cling to my coat tail. You’re a sick, pathetic lonely fuck, and you’re deeply obsessed with me. I have became the center of your life, your reason for existence, your god almighty. So again, listen to me, and listen carefully: if and when I want to kick your ass, I will. I don’t need to make an appoinment for that. Now crawl back to your filthy hole, lay down on your lonely bed and dream of life, people and things you could and would never ever have, and while you’re at it, go fuck yourself.

  12. Anytime, anyplace colonel. I still see the same name callling(are you and adult) but no response to the challenge to meet face to face.

    I will up the ante. I will pay you $5000.00 to meet me face to face. NO BULLSHIT. The ball is in your court. Run and hide behind your keyboard, or stand up like a man, its your choice. You name the time and place and i will be there.

  13. Allright you dyslexic stinking leper dog, now you’re really , truely raising the bar on making a complete ass of yourself. You don’t have a pot to piss in, let alone putting money down on anything. So here’s the deal: I’ll give you 5 bucks ($5.00) to shut up and get lost, or you can stick around and continue your clown dance and entertain me and my folks on this board for free. In the mean time, sit down, look up, read above, fuck you.

    Got it? Good. Now keep dancing you moronic retard of a lonley, pathetic, fucked up internet clown. Come on, type you ass licking faggot. You have to respond to my insults and ask me to meet with you. Don’t forget to use capital letters to show case how tough you are and post two responds in a row, one’s just not good enough. You better hurry up before my beer gets warm.

  14. colonel says, ‘people in the industry know me, ….if you dont know me then thats because youre a piece of shit nobody….” Then you call me an asslicking faggot…

    So youre finally admitting that Im not sophia. Thank you. Perhaps thats why you dont want to meet face to face you chicken shit little keyboard warrior.

    Dont forget, you threatened to “fuck me up and make my life miserable” and have done nothing ,like the little chicken shit keyboard warrior.

    Come on colonel, you made the threat and Im calling you on it. Lets see what you got big guy.

    The colonel has now officially admitted that im not sophia and that is why he wont meet me face to face like a man.

    Youre a fucking little chiken shit pussy with no balls who hides behind a fantasy keyboard persona pretending to be a porn isdustry insider.

    Dont forget to keep making those keyboard warrior threats to show how TOUGH you are.

    Colonel, is your threat to “fuck me up” real or not. What are you going to do big guy. NOTHING!!!!

    The offer still stands, anywhere anytime and i pay you. Bring it on warrior.

    Fuck you and and your whore of a mother. Of course calling your mother a whore is an insult to whores everywhere. But then again, youve known that since you were five or six years old, you remember dont you colonel, when mommy taught you those special games? “good boy junior,this is our secret’

  15. Well, that was retarded, but rather enjoyable. I said you’re a fucking piece of shit nobody and that’s of course the truth. I never said you’re not Sophia Mounds, did I you scum sucking piss whore? I also didn’t say I won’t meet you, I said I don’t need to make an appointment to do that. I responded to you clearly in plain english, and it’s not my problem you’re so fucked up and stupid that can’t comprehend clear, simple words.

    And that brings me to one question: why are you so fucked up? What is your problem, and was it your fault or your street walking, STD infected skank whore of a mother’s fault? Go ahead you fucking piece of shit nobody, you must feel compelled to respond and entertain us with your retardedness and stupidity. That’s what I call fucking free entertainment. Do it you maggot, do it, do it, dance you mother fucking nasty human vomit.

  16. You slipped up colonel. In your post you called me a “faggot” Why would you call sophia a faggot.
    then you said people in the industry know who you are, and if I dont know who you are it is because i am nobody…..” but doesnt sophia know who you are?

    You slipped up colonel, and it is right there for everyone to see, as plain as the nose on your face. You cant deny it, or will you go back and delete the posts like you did on LIB when you got caught lying to everyone over there?

    And if you recall, it was I who used the ‘dance monkey’ line on you first over there. Cant you for once come up with something original?

    You slipped up colonel, and that is game, set and match for the general. I owned you on LIB and I have exposed your continued lie that I am sophia right here on your own turf. You cant deny what you wrote, and dont try to say that you were calling sophia a faggot, it wont fly.

    You have known all along I am not sophia, but you used that as a red herring when you were caught redhanded in your outright lies regarding the FACT that you deleted posts without permission.

    So mister tough guy, are you still sticking by your keyboard warrior threat to “fuck me up”? Birng it on you little piece of shit. I owned you on LIB and now I own you here. Your own words show you for the lying little bitch you are. You threaten to fuck me up and I’m still here calling you a little bith and you aren’t doing on single thing about it.

    You have done NOTHING to back up your threats, because you got neither the guts or the balls. Internet keyboard threats, thats all you got, and everybody who reads this can see that.

    Now go play some more secret games with your mommy you little lying piece of shit.

    Why sould you call sophia a faggot, and why would you say ‘if i dont know who you are….”

  17. Look you piece of shit, this is the definition of the word ‘Faggot’ according to Urban Dictionary:

    ‘In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual, mostly used instead for calling somebody stupid or a loser.’

    In other words, calling you a faggot doesn’t mean that I assume you’re a man, it means I assume you’re a stupid fucking loser.

    Also, Sophia Mounds is in the adult industry, but she’s a D grade bottom feeding scum whore, a delusional fuck up, a fucking piece of shit nobody. Not the kind of people I hang out with, therefore she doesn’t know my identity.

    And finally, everybody knows ‘dance for me my monkey’ has always been one of my many punch lines, long before you tend to call yourself The General and ride my coat tail. All my posts are available on Luke Is Back Archives, that’s not something I need to argue about.

    You fucked up asswhore, I’ve been playing you around and pulling your strings and dancing you for my entertainment from the beginning. I fucking own you, your ass is mine, you work for me mother fucker. You know it, I know it, and everybody knows it. So shut up and keep dancing you evil faggot monkey, you fucking piece of shit nobody.

    In the mean time, try to be more entertaining and original.

  18. Nice try colonel, but no sale. Youve been had and you know it. too bad, get over it. You never used the word faggot in any post directed at me when you were calling me sophia. You slipped up and got caught, just like when you lied on LIB. It does not matter how you respond, because its lal there in your own words.

    When are you going to live up to your keyboard threats, that the question you keep avoiding.
    Are your threats real or not?
    Do you have theguts to answer that question. No, because you a pussy little chickenshit internet warrior. All talk and no action.

  19. Unlike you miserable loony little fuck, I don’t like to repeat myself. I responded to you time and again, both on Luke Is Back and here. You’re either too retarded and stupid to understand, or somehow you think by repeating the same bullshit you can validate it. Either way, you fucked up. If you want more of my beatings, and we both know you desperately want, then you have to be more entertaning and original. Gargling my piss and regurgitating my shit like you’ve been doing all day long is no longer entertaining. Evolve, die or go fuck yourself.

  20. More of the same old shit from the colonel. Nothing new.

    Now, are your keyboard warrior threats real or not? Youre a little pussy who got caught again in his bullshit lies and now its back to the same name calling b.s. Thats ALL you got is name calling from behind your keyboard. You make these big bad threas and when you get called on it you do NOTHING. Youre a joke.

    So come on you pussy, fuck me up like you said you would. Quote the colonel..” she knows i wasnt fooling around when i said i was going to fuck her up.” So where is it tough guy

    Then yousay, “I dont like to repeat myself,” but every post of yours is the same namecalling, and keyboard threats with no action ever to back them up. Youre such a pussy you wont even reveal your identity like I did on LIB. Who are you? Just some little keyboard pussy who pretends to be in the adult industry.

    Come on tough guy, fuck me up like you said you would. Youve been owned again, and it wont be the last time you chickenshit little pussy.

  21. Go ahead you little pathetic dog, bark louder and eat more shit; nobody gives two fucks about you and what you say, you’re a nobody, a foul joke, a fucking loser, a little, little piece of shit in the toilet of cyber space.

    I’ve used and abused you for my entertainment, I made you dance, crawl and roll over in your filth and vomit time and again, I made you chase your own tail like the compulsive, obssisive dog you are, I made you stay up in nights, miserably trying to get my attention by your illiterate, poor, retarded and extremely stupid writings only to fail desperately and resort to the same bullshit tactics. It doesn’t work, loser. Never did, and never will.

    You must accept the fact that you’re doomed to be under my shadow and your only relevance is being my parody. I may come to visit you and sort out our differnces, but I’ll do it on my terms, how I want, when I want. So you can grow up, find a shred of dignity and try to get a life, or you can be the predictable internet clown that you are and continue your evil faggot monkey dance and repeat the same shit in broken english. That’s up to you. Me, I need to get a beer.

  22. Are your threats real or not? Its a simple question. Or are you just the keyboard warrior as I have stated? Keep hiding behind the phony intenet persona, its all you got.

    Are your threats real or not? of course they’re not.

  23. are your threats real or not? Put up or shut up.

  24. What a fucking joke this piece of shit General is; obviously this retarded loser has no life and only tries to get some attention by barking at The Colonel, who by the way is right with every comments he made about this asshole General. Fuck this monkey clown.

    Colonel, you said all you have to say. We all love you and believe you and you don’t need to waste anymore of your time and energy on this low life imposter fuck.

  25. Good alt. id colonel.

    Now stop being such a fucking little pussy and back up your repeated threats. I am now begging you to do something you little chickenshit. All talk, no action. The colonel in the army of keyboard warriors.

    Colonel, you have been officially demoted to the rank of “pussy little chikenshit.”

  26. What the fuck are you talking about, you crazy little piece of shit? I’m not The Colonel, I’m just a regular visitor of this website who’s disgusted, sick and tired of your insane blabblings, and here I ask the editor of this website to shut you up and fuck you off. Nobody here wants to read your repetitive bullshit, nobody here has to read your repetitive bullshit either; and as for The Colonel, he has proven himself and he already told you to fuck off and get lost several times. Too bad you don’t have any self respect or sanity to see what hacked up, dried up piece of shit you are. Fuck you and fuck your mother. Don’t even try to respond to me asshole, I’m done with you.

  27. Hey cancerfag, do you believe the colonel threats are real?

    “We all love you.” Now youve gone completely overboard cancerfag(colonel). All your threats mean nothing because you are too mcuh of a pussy little chickenshit to folow through. You continue to threaten me, yet Im still here calling you a pussy.Do somehting about it pussy.

  28. Cancer Man, thank you brother. I appreciate your interest in my writings. Fuck this retarded human vomit General, I’ve already wiped my ass several times with a print of The General’s illiterate, pathetic, wortless comments and entertained myself and everybody on this board with The General’s evil faggot monkey dance. I’ll move on to more interesting and important things like getting my dick sucked and drinking my beer. I am The Colonel and The General is a piece of shit. The end of story.

  29. I cant imagine how embarrassing it must be to creat an alt id. in order to say that you love yourself.

    And notice how you have yet to answer the most simple question….Are your threats real, or are you just a keyboard warrior, pussy little chickenshit? Of course you wont answer becuase you are a pussy little chickenshit. Prove me wrong. Or create another alt id and tell yourlself how much everbody loves you.

    PUSSY LITTLE CHICKENSHIT=colonel aka cancerman

  30. And even jeremy steele has now admitted I am not sophia in his latest response on LIB……”the genereal should date sophia mounds”….. Your number one ally has given up that ship. Are you going to stick with that nonsense now you pussy little chickenshit?

    Or are you backing off those threats because you know thats not who I am?

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