GAY Privates


(30 March 2009, 8:03PM) The dirty rat has yet to come forward. We suggest he stop masturbating to gay porn, come forward and come clean, or we’ll have to post the photos.

A “private”  is an euphemism for escorting among sex workers.  That would make gay privates sex with the same sex. You know–suckee-fuckee, he-love-you-longtime kinda stuff. There is nothing wrong with it, if you choose, but you should not make fun of others that do, then do it yourself. That’s called a hypocrite. We will give one particular person a chance to come forward and discuss their gay privates, or we will post photos. Didn’t think we’d get photos? We got ’em. Now come forward you dirty rat!

If the dirty rat comes clean, we won’t talk about their permanent STD!

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