Freeones Party

Roald at put together a party for the regular Joes, so we asked Privateer Pete to head on over, take a few shots, and let us know how the party went. We weren’t too sure how this was going to go as Privateer Pete kept making assumptions about the event. It went something like this:


Privateer Pete:      It’s  going to to be the same girls that threatened me at Porn Star Karaoke at this party.

Poontalk:     No. What made you get that idea?

PP:     Well, they are all from the Valley, right?

PT:     No, the girls are not going to be the same. Get some good shots.


PP:     Hey, man, I don’t think I can make it.

PT:     Why not?

PP:     I think it might rain.

PT:     Auh, the party is inside.

PP:     Ok.

Sunday, 9:14PM:

PP:     Hey, man, I don’t I can take any more shots.

PT:     Why not?

PP:     I shot this one girl, and she told me I can’t shoot her any  longer.

PT:     Is she in the porn business?

PP:     No.

PT:     Just concentrate on the girls in the business. Where are you?

PP:     Outside, in line.

PT:     Go inside and take some photos.

–Now inside the club–

PP:     I don’t see any girls from the business.

PT:     Do you know what the girls look like?

PP:     Auh, no.

PT:     Just look for pretty girls that have have very little clothing, then ask them if you can take their photo, and don’t stare. You don’t want to creep the girls out like you did at Porn Star Karaoke. Ok?

PP:     Ok.

Here’s Privateer Pete’s fine work:

Ladies, you look lovely! Phoenix and Jayden in the third row, but I don’t see Christian, Phoenix’s BF, or Penny–the host for the night.  Alanah is in the fourth row. The girl in the second looks familiar, but don’t know her name. Let us know if you know the others in the photos. Enjoy!


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5 responses to “Freeones Party

  1. jed

    all of my posts are being moderated over at the house of loftus. and if i make reference to that fact they’re deleted.

    jed never knew he was such a subversive force.

  2. jed

    lol thanks, colonel.
    before i depart the earth of poon blogs – i think there was a misunderstanding that i might have been taking a shot at you over there.

    not the case. any comments i made were in reference to the fact i was testing what they’d allow me to say.

    ever since posting about holly randall’s website my comments have been held up in moderation, or deleted totally.

    good luck guys. always enjoyable reading your views.

  3. Jed, I hope you reconsider and keep hanging out with us both on PoonTalk and Luke Is Back. I understand there are some misunderstandings between you and Cindi at Luke Is Back. I suggest you to email her and open dialouge with her to resolve the issue. She’s a good hearted and reasonable person and I assure you she will respond to you and work things out.

    I’ll look forward to reading your comments and chatting with you.

  4. jed

    Thanks Colonel, but that site is beyond hope. Wading through those lame PR and puff pieces (99% of entries) is boring. With a PR and marketing degree I know shilling and BS. Over at LIB it’s masquerading as journalism, not uncommon, but criminal given the interest that site held under Luke.
    I’m barred from pointing this shit out and pushing for a more rambunctious site. She’s got interests to protect, I’ve got better stuff to do with my time.

    Like a dog turd turning white and flaking away in the wind – I won’t be remembered in two weeks. However, that site will continue to stand true as a monument to the empty spirited ways of ass kissing and back slapping.

    Unfortunately someone more outspoken didn’t end up with that domain.

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