Virus infecting people by design?

As fucked up as it is, it’s definitely not inconceivable. We say this because documented records released under the Freedom of Information Act outline plots similar to this one. Take a read here and speak your peace!


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3 responses to “Virus infecting people by design?

  1. I think there’s a conspiracy which keeps giving me a computer virus.

  2. jed

    just thought i’d post that up for the colonel if he’s ever passing through. i found it and thought it touched on some themes he’d written about. i went over to loftus’ site to pass it on. however, she’s pathetically moronic, insecure and vengeful. me using her site as a vehicle to pass something to one of her readers isn’t allowed.

    and this one’s for you cindi, donny long and derek and his slave trading henchmen like christian.

  3. Jed brother, I still visit this place from time to time, and I thank you for remembering me and posting the link to that important and informative article.

    I’m sorry about how things went between you and Cindi at LIB, but I know her and I can tell you she does not have any grudge against you. It’s just that you guys got off on the wrong foot, you had complains about some of the material on the web site and she got the impression that you’re attacking and insulting her. It’s not too late, and it’s nothing that can’t be resolved. All you guys need is to exchange a couple of emails and talk about it. Just give it a thought.

    I’ll look forward to reading your comments and chatting with you.

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