Alexa Cruz . . . Content Exchange

Today was a crazy day but it ended well. Being a porn star numerologist, and having acknowledged beforehand tha the day was the 5th, 5 days being days to expect the unexpected, I wasn’t surprised. I had a content exchange booked with 21 year old Alexa Cruz for this afternoon. As I was heading there she called and asked if we could book it for another day because her apartment was having a plumbing crises. We were all supposed to rendezvous at Jay Rock’s place to shoot but by the time the plumber finished Jay Rock said it was too late for him to accommodate, as had other commitments for later in the day and evening. We ended up shooting at her place. It was a hot day in the valley and Alexa’s roommate seemed very interested in helping out, as she would frequently come by to look and offer assistance for towels and whatever and ask if we needed anything. At one point she came in to turn up the ceiling fan in Alexa’s room where we shooting and as she stood on her tippy toes she revealed a shot of her cooch from her rising dress as she reached for the fan pulley. Alexa loves anal. In fact she asked if the whole scene could be anal but I said for our end (no pun intended) we need some vaginal content. After just a couple of positions while she was riding me reverse cowgirl I pulled out while she was still on top of me and popped on her chest. Then just continued fucking her some more. The scene later ended with an anal cream pie. After we left I got some shots of the fool moon. Classic photographic work and Good Times!

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