Will Ryder shoot

I worked for Will Ryder with 23 year old Courtney Page (the cute, smiling girl with the heart t-shirt). She said she truly loves sex, started in the business two years ago, but only for two weeks, and has been back now for one week, so that adds up to three weeks she’s been in the business, really. She said she was a virgin until age 20 and waited for the right guy, which he was, although he put a restraining order on her (details she choose not to get into). She also said she loves anal and comes right away when a guy sticks it in. She also said afterward that the scene with me might have been the best yet (can you believe this?). I got to pop twice, once at the end of the hardcore, and the other, during the first fuck position of the softcore reenactment of the scene, with me fucking her standing up doggie from behind the couch (so no hardcore could be seen). At one point while in that position because she was a bit sore from the scene from working the day before and she said “Hey, not so deep, I’m sore”. Little did she know I was quickly building up my second pop. Miles Long, the Videographer for softcore said “Come on, man, take it easy so we can get this done”. Right at the point, unbenownst to anyone else but me, at the moment we stopped, I unloaded on the floor in front of the back of the couch. Neither Courtney or Miles ever even knew. When they left the set I made sure to drop a paper towel in the area I splooged and wipe it up by dragging my foot over it. Also there were Miley Ann (pink shirt, reads “cute”), who I recently worked with for Jay Rock. She recognized me first when I first walked in and she was in the middle of getting fucked. Also there was Laci Laine (short flower dress) who I worked with once for some kinky Japanese fellows who shot a staged rape scene on a bus, filled with 30 extras and driven while shooting (see pictures); Laci was just there today visiting, and the ride for one of the male performers. I also saw Kenna Kane (black hair and fishnets, smoking outside with Laci) who told me I was originally scheduled to work with her, but due to Will Ryder having to send some girl home due to too much acne and another cancelled scene our scene was switched. Also there who I saw was Kaitlin Rush


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5 responses to “Will Ryder shoot

  1. forgot to mention Courtney said she loves guy with long hair and asked me to make mine down. At first I was hesitant because I had it all sumurai tied and clipped behind my head and didn’t want to redo it, but Scott David was cool with me wearing a pony tail for the scene. He also, being a hair stylist touched me up a bit. Miles told me the new look suits me much better so I guess this is my new look, at least on Will Ryder shoots.

  2. Princess Nikki

    She looks cute, she must be new in porn. I never heard of her, I really love Will Ryder! He’s a genius, I would love to tell him that!

  3. I’ll pass the message on to Will, Nikki. He’s the reason spin-offs are all the rage and even old companies re-releasing their spin-offs. I can be accused of licking his ass for saying this because he hires me all the time but it happens to be true that they brought adult entertainment to a higher level. The word “entertainment”, in “adult entertainment” used to be a joke, but his movies are actually entertaining to watch… We’ll see who brings “adult entertainment” to a higher level, next…

    Again, Courtney’s three weeks new, but that’s counting the two weeks she was in the biz two years ago and the week she’s been in the biz as of the date of production.

  4. Princess Nikki

    Yeah, you’re right Jeremy! I love the spin-offs parodies that he did. I find it a cute exiciting idea, I’m so glad he did this! It ‘s cool to know that if you have a show you really like back then, he mixes it up, with adult content. Then that gets really exicting, to know our fantasties of our characters will come true hehe!

  5. Hey Nikki, why do they call u “Princess”?

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