R.I.P. MISTRESS VERONICA. I was saddened to have learned that Mistress Veronica killed herself. I first discovered the details from a repost of the subject on lukeisback.com I barely got the chance to meet and know her before her demise. I. met her a few weeks ago at an ATM in Hollywood while with Privateer Pete the Pirate (the guy who took those awesome photos for Poontalk). She was starting talking to me standing behind me on line. I forgot what she said but she was cute and friendly and there was something about her that made me want to talk to her more once I saw her leave. She left before Pete and I did.but she had stopped to talk to some Lyndon Larouche mind cult solicitors on the corner of Sunset and Vine and we were heading in that direction.. After catching up to her at the corner of Sunset and Ivar, across from Amoeba records I said “Hi, again” and we started walking together and talking. Pete the Pirate said “Hey man, I want to go to Amoeba records”, which I thought was cool, giving her and me the chance to walk and talk. I told Pete I’d meet up with him later. While we were walking she asked me to walk her to her place which on Las Palmas and Sunset. She told me her dad had threatened suicide by standing on top a building, that she was a mistress and had a dungeon. I told her I was in the porn business and she invited me upstairs to see her dungeon. Her dungeon was in her apartment on the second floor and that she was looking for a roommate, the place costing 3 or 4,000 per month, or some ridiculous amount. She pulled out some anal toy she likes to use on guys who like it and told me she likes to make out with cute gay boys. I think she might have showed me the toy to see if I was interested in trying it out, but I wasn’t. She told me was raped once, which made me think how strange she invites a stranger she just met up to her apartment.(though she was cool with me so I took it as a compliment) Soon we left and that was the last time I ever saw her. I still have her phone number. We spoke on the phone once, another time I called and left a message inviting her to a fetish party but never heard back from her. I wished she would’ve called me in her moments of despair but she never did. I’ve wrote to Tony of thefetishistas.com who originally put out the story that lukeisback got and told him how I knew her. He said he’d put my missive up as part of a memorial from people who knew her. I asked him about memorial services and how she died but the specific details are still being withheld. This is what he last wrote me:

Hi Jeremy,

The memorial took place last Saturday. It was a private affair for close friends and family and I was asked not to give out the details in advance, though I will be publishing a few pix from it in due course. Contributions are still coming in for the tribute article so I will close the tribute inbox and put the article together sometime before the end of August. Veronica’s family and close friends felt that the article published in The Fetishistas included as much detail as was appropriate about the circumstances of her death. This being the case, and out of respect for their feelings, I can’t disclose any further information at this time.

Best wishes, Tony


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  1. Princess Nikki

    She looks hot ;- I’m so sad she killed herself – I never heard of her, she looks beautiful through. I love her style and her photos. I’m making her as one of my favorite female fetish models, she deserves it!

  2. Welcome to Poontalk and thanks for writing, Nikki.

    I wrote a bunch of poetry after hearing of Veronica’s departure. Here’s a piece:

    Eternal sadness
    Rest a little longer, linger
    A small memory stretches lifetimes

    Look at my dead eyes
    It’s what left of me (inside)

    I am here but I am not
    And was I ever really?

    Eternal Sadness
    Where heroes become zeros
    And no one cares, no one knows
    No one cares, no one’s there
    They just don’t know…

  3. Princess Nikki

    That’s a nice poem Jeremy! I love it!

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