Burning Angel . . . 8.18.09

By Jeremy Steele

Rock ‘n Roll Monday with Joanna Angel (and without Phoenix Askani)

Phoenix Askani had a birthday party at Les Deux in Hollywood but didn’t show up (at least while I was there). 

[No] porn stars had showed up yet, just camera-peeps standing around and Porn Mega-Star Adam Wood, of icantbelieveshefuckedme.com. I complained to him that they wanted to charge us press people money to give them free publicity and Adam offered to pay my $5.00 entrance fee, for me. I told him it wasn’t the money, it was the principle. But then, again, I added, it WAS the money, so I took it, but still waited outside for some porn stars to show up.

Natasha Nice (grey/blue dress, Katie Cummings (black dress) and Bella Cole (orange dress) showed up and I took their pictures outside.  I also saw Evan Stone driving by and some cute chick following behind him but they left without coming in. I guess he was told the hostess and birthday girl hadn’t showed up yet. Then Joanna Angel and James Deen showed up and she was able to get me in for free, so I gave Adam his five bucks back.
Then I took some more pictures,  hung out a little and then left.  A drunk civilian chick was carried and got kicked out with her round ass in the air and she kissed me while outside. That was cool. I have a photo but was told by the editor no one gives a shit but me.


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2 responses to “Burning Angel . . . 8.18.09

  1. btw, well, since I mentioned memory of Mistress Veronica’s in the last post on Vampire Con, and being that last night’s Les Deux was on Las Palmas, near Hollywood Blvd, I headed over there and passed by the late Mistress Veronica’s old place which was right down the street.. sad.. still feeling sentimental about it, I guess…. The last two times”Bridge over troubled water” played on my playlist tears welled up in my eyes. Silly me.

  2. Princess Nikki

    Joanna Angel – She looks beautiful, I’m such a big fan of hers, she looks great in the photos. I love her and James Deen together! Theyre beautiful couple!

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