Real Ex Girl Friends shoot

I was booked by for a shoot this morning for with Alanah Rae.  While I was on the way there I was called by Goldstar and told that Alanah is running late and to show up an hour later. I got there about 20 minutes later, expecting to just hang out and wait, but Alanah was already there in make-up. She said she got on the freeway and kept driving until she got to Ventura county, seeing the beaches, then realizing she went too far (the office was in the valley near North Hills). Her excuse was that she’s a natural blond, although her hair is dyed darker now, to which I commented that that’s what they call it when a blonde dyes her hair darker: artificial intelligence.

Laci Laine was also on the set (getting tied up for fun) and Hennah West. After filling out the paper work, we headed to the set with director Todd Todd, who instructed me I was to handle the video camera and shoot a P.O.V. as the boyfriend of Alanah in an amateur style. 
It was a fun, easy and great scene, definitely very amateurish, but still with good angles… and I shot a huge load from standing doggie that went all the way up her back. Ahhhh….

After the sex, Alanah and Todd Todd had a smoke break on the balcony. She said “porn saved my life”. When I asked her to explain she said she used to do drugs, skip school, was in juvi, first had sex at age 13 with a 20 or 21 year old, etc. Then while reading her phone messages, she said,

AR: “I don’t mind going and hanging out with guys but as soon as it seems like a date it fucks me up… I’m a commitment-phobe, I think”

JS: Sounds like porns the perfect job for you.

AR: “Yeah, it’s my cup of tea, for sure”.

JS: If you weren’t in porn what do you think you’d be doing right now?

AR: Accountant by day, working at the ‘Foxy Lady’ at night.

Following that comment Todd Todd mimicked the banter of tittie bar DJs, as he said he used to be one…  (regarding tipping the girls, who’s behind which room, etc).

Real or unreal, girffriend or ex-girlfriend; It was nice to have Alanah Rae for the day.

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